I’m working mainly in installation and performance, even though I’m firmly convinced that each project has the need for a specific aesthetic articulation, which is why the fulcrum of creation starts with the dialogue with the surroundings and the context. I’m interested in the body as a transformation territory, where the invisible becomes visible and abandons the abstract state in which inhabits the mind space, I carefully observe body’s reaction to daily life and to the diversity of emotions and states of mind that occur during life. I am also interested on how it becomes both victim and cause of our pain, that precarious equilibrium, that interstice where my research is founded. Only when a thought goes through the body, becomes real whereas in our mind is still at risk of manipulation. The real comprehension of something happens in the translation of a thought to the physicality of our body, it also happens involuntarily: the body does not lie. For this reason I’m very particularly interested in the propulsive need human beings have to ritualize. This action is our way to make our connections, our life passages and changes real. If rituals were used as a mean of transformation outside society dogmas and traditions, they can become a strong means for dialogue within ourselves what surrounds us, allowing us the space for the evolution to fully happen.

After all Darwin affirmed that: “It is not the strongest species that survive but the one that adapts better”.


She studied Fine Arts in Florence, Italy and has widely exhibited in Europe, Asia and South America in galleries, Museums, biennales and art festivals. She has worked with curators such as Marco Scotini, John Spike and Juan Xu among others that have shown her work in different platforms.  Her work has been features in articles by art critics such as Laura Bruni, Bianca Laura Petretto and Edward Rubin among others. She has won several award, the most recent ones are first prize of photography Collezione Camera di Commercio di Mantova, Italy and the nomination to the Sara Modiano prize. Her artworks are part of public collections such as: City of Delta del Po, Italy, Camera di Commercio di Mantova, Italy, Tina B Collection, Prague, Czech Republic,  DiArt Fondazione d’Arte Contemporanea, Sicily, Centro Colombo Americano, Bogotà, Colombia, B&BArt Museum of Contemporary Art, Sardinia, Italy and various private collections in Italy, USA and Colombia. She has also worked extensively in the curatorial field as Head of International Projects for the Florence Biennale, La Fabbrica di Angelo Grassi, Italy, B&Bart Museum of Contemporary Art in Italy and most recently advisor of Zhengmou Museum Qingdao, China, Una Esquina, Lima, Peru. She was one of the founders of ArtSEEN Journal, international bilingual magazine as well as director and founder of Sillon 8, a tv channel to promote art and culture in Colombia. She is currently living in Italy where she runs a space for artists in the heart of Florence.