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Me myself and I

These actions started with a dialogue I felt attracted to do with my self when I was a guest at an artist’s studio in Italy. The place had a very interesting attic in the last floor that I felt strongly related to. The fact that in the attic you can’t really go deeper in the space with your body because it doesn’t fit made me think of how many times I’ve tried to fit myself into spaces I don’t fit in, how many times one has chosen to look at the angle instead of looking from the angle?, how responsible one is of the perspective from where life is perceived?

While I was going through these self documented actions I started acting those dialogues, playing both parts, me and the other, confronting myself with the fear of been abandoned and how one can actually be the cause of abandonment.

I’ve always underlined my belief that the act of making a thought physical makes it real and how this allows the process of learning.


Dance to Exhaustion

Dance to Exhaustion is a series of actions designed as a way to get rid of the pressing difficulties and in particular from the huge amount of violent news that overwhelm our lives. My proposal is not to escape from reality, but to avoid being overwhelmed by conflict and feeling helpless. Dancing without music makes the action, a work on physical energy that your body can eliminate, thus allowing you to get in touch with the movement without thinking about music, the tribes of many places have always used the instrument of dancing until the exhaustion to transform the mental state. This is the first of 17 actions.

Self Healing

How to cream demons into balloons. This is one of many actions part of the project that wishes to discuss the meaning of belonging and how it implies constant processes of understanding, evolving and healing.

Salt Bitter Sweet

Salt and Sugar, extreme flavours to be measured with caution both as a metaphor than as food but also in behaviour, in attitude. My research focuses on the body as a transformation territory but above all of understanding. I translate thoughts and metaphors into actions, "only when an idea goes through your body, become real". As part of an ongoing self-portrait project, I decided to physically experiment with two words that alternated with extreme constancy passing from one excess to another, sweetness and acidity. I have been diagnosed with a small disorder, incredibly misunderstood by people and often judged. I often go from sadness to anger, from sweet and quiet to pungent. What effect do these changes have on my body? how would it look like if all our emotions were solid foods and we could eat them? 

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